9 mai 2008

feuillesautomnia3.jpgMy first tag, Kezako and Joe Biscotte

Millypuce tagged me ; this is my first experience in the tag world!

Before I begin I just want to let you know two things. First of all “Anger under control” has been selected on Kezako, a website making and selling artistic pins. If you want to support it just leave a comment over there, that would be really nice :D
The latter painting is also in Joe Biscotte’s gallery. You can give it lots of stars and your comments if you like it. Thanks.

Here are my answers to the tag :

1. The food I really do not like
Tripe ; fortunately for me it’s been years since I have tasted some (it’s good to be a vegetarian)
2. My 3 favorite food
Pasta, chocolate (especially the gianduja kind) and dried tomatoes
3. My favorite recipe
Spaghetti al pesto rosso (with dried tomatoes in it ; I told you I love them ;) )
4. My favorite drink
Most of the exotic juices : mango, guava, hog plum
5 . The meal I am dreaming to make but which I never did
Home-made ravioli
6. My best culinary memory
The cheesecake... yummy!

Now you know more about me and my tastes

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C'est ici que vous pouvez m'envoyer une petite feuille de cannelier...